25 October 2007


Today, DecoPac recalled 80,000 bobble head football cake decorations because of lead paint violations.

I know I often feel like a box of lead after I've eaten half a sheet cake at a child's birthday party. This explains why.

The press release says that only the figurines with the green bases have been affected by the recall. It's a good thing. I can't imagine pairing one of those gorgeous purple Baltimore Ravens uniform with a green base!

Maybe that look works for the Patriots.

02 October 2007

Let Them Let Me Eat Cake!

Baking a cake takes no time at all. And eating it—that's like inhaling. But writing about it sucks up the weeks and months, and next thing you know, it's more than a year since the cake blog has been given some sugar.

My sugar came yesterday in the form of an agent for my book, which I like to call Let Me Eat Cake: A Celebration of Flour, Sugar, Butter, Eggs, Baking Powder, and a Pinch of Salt (and some vanilla! how did I forget vanilla?).

Jumping up and down every few minutes takes a lot out of you, but I figure the more I jump, the more cake I get to eat. And there's a pan of Aunt Margaret's chocolate cake on the counter in the kitchen right now.