22 September 2005


I described to my good friend, Paul, my idea for a cake story, a chapter in my book in which I visit various "cake factories," from the upscale, extravagant cake production companies like Charm City Cakes, all the way down to the little snack cake plants.

I explained that I wanted to go behind the scenes of the cake-making process without actually demystifying it.

Paul, a genius in many ways, understood perfectly. He called me the Penn and Teller of cake.

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Art2 said...

I like the cake link. They look wonderful and what a range of flavors. Yum.! I want to try the tiramasu and the peaches and cream.

Will there be a chapter that has cake poems? songs? Ode to a Cake Plate?

One of my personal favorite cakes I make is Italian Cream Cake. Of course, Chocolate Oblivion is a close second.