02 December 2007

that time of year again

See the Operation Fruitcake web site here.

(And don't ask me what I was doing at the Bill Me Later web site.)


Cakespy said...

Fruitcake is on the brain this week! :-)

Anonymous said...

Only those poor lost souls who have never tasted 'real' fruit cake feel that way.
My mother(first remembrance 1948), would buy a fruit cake around the first of November. My job was to crack walnuts so that they were in perfect halves. She would take the cake out of its wrapping and place it on a large sheet of aluminum foil, folding up the edges so that none of the cup of dark rum she poured over it was lost. Then she would take each of walnut meat halves and shave the skin off of the flatter side exposing the white meat. These were then placed allover the top of the moist fruit cake and it was sealed. After double wrapping it, it was placed on top of the refrigerator until the first of December.
I feel so sorry for anyone who has never had the absolute pleasure of a cup of light roasted Indonesian coffee (has a distinct Dark Chocolate after taste) and a small plate full of this fruit cake sliced so thin it resembles a piece of stained glass. The cake melts in your mouth, the married flavors of the cinnamon, ginger, rum and walnuts are punched up by the bitter sweet under tones of the candied fruits. As the flavor of that bite starts to dissipate, in your mouth, then you follow it with the hot coffee with its flavor from the other side of the world (literally). This coffee with its hint of nuts and after taste of Dark Chocolate is an experience of its own. But, enjoyed together . . . . well.
It 'is' March, and Nancy hasn't outlawed it yet, think I'll bake one tomorrow.